Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Portfolio

Hey, my name's Holly Sexton. I'm a Fibers major at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Here are some images of my work to start off my blog and to introduce myself.

Balenciaga Runway. Micron pen on Bristol board. Winter 2007.
Geometric. Wood paper and raffia paper ribbon. Fall 2008.
Bridal. Glitter and Micron pen on cardstock paper. Fall 2008.
Bridal Coordinates. Top: Ribbon and Micron pen on cardstock. Bottom: Glitter and Micron Pen on cardstock. Fall 2008.
Floral. Cut out map of Paris and Micron pen on cardstock paper and acrylic paint. Fall 2008.
Country. Needle felted wool yarn applique, acrylic paint, and archival ink on jersey. Fall 2008.
Bridal. Needle felted wool yarn applique and archival ink on cotton fabric. Fall 2008.
Ogee. Needle felted wool yarn appliqued and archival ink on sheer cotton fabric. Fall 2008.
Floral. Needle felted wool yarn applique on satin ribbon and silk fabric. Fall 2009.
Bracelet. Vintage bangle, glass beads, metallic tubular mesh ribbon. Spring 2008.
Opera Glasses. Vintage buttons, glass beads, and thread. Spring 2008.
Antlers. Wet Felted and Needle Felted Wool. Winter 2009.
Sheep. Body: Crocheted various yarns, Face and Legs: Knit various yarns. Winter 2009.