Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A few weeks ago, I got to work as a stylist assistant for a photo shoot in Savannah, GA for the new bridal brand under URBN called BHLDN (pronounced "beholden"). You MUST check out their site. I was lucky enough to work directly with Aya Kanai and alongside Kristin Norris and my friend, Britni Wood. The photographer was Koto Bolofo. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I can't wait to see where this company goes.

Here are some photos from the shoot that are on the site now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

I am getting SO excited for Valentine's Day this year. Not because I get to see my wonderful fiance, which I am so thrilled about - don't get me wrong, but because of the beautiful photographs, DIY ideas, and products I have been seeing. Me and Daniel have never been the couple to buy gifts or do anything huge for the holiday, but we are big believers in spending the day spending quality time together giving the gift of memories instead of tangible gifts. This year, though, I'm tempted to change our ways and exchange lots of beautiful things like these.

(1. Something's Hiding in Here - acorn charm, $12. 2. Confetti System - Twist Necklace, $190. 3. Confetti System - Knot Necklace, $190. 4. EmersonMade - EM Signature T : Paper Valentine Heart, $38. 5. Snow and Graham - Cupcake, $6. 6. ban.do - heart shoe clips, $25. 7. ban.do - crystal bowtie shoe clips, $55. 8. jack spade - soft waxwear folded messenger, $255. 9. Rifle Paper Co - Be Mine Card, $4 single, $16 for 8.)

this blog needs some love

i resolve to blog MORE! get ready.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mood Board created for the Blue Room Christmas Ornaments

I meant to put this in the first post, but here is the mood board for my state fair prize ribbon ornaments.

One of the most valuable parts of this entire experience was, during my tour of the White House, I was able to see each and every person on the tour connect with all the different ornaments. Whether it was their home state or favorite food, people were relating to the ornaments in a way that I had not expected. Also, the Blue Room Christmas tree was one that everyone had to take a picture with, instead of a picture of. The tree felt personal to each visitor, and that was so exciting to witness.

Photos of the Blue Room Christmas Tree

Here are some photos I was able to take during my Christmas tour of the White House last week. Enjoy!

Also, Michael-Birch Pierce designed the beautiful felt, machine-embroidered tree skirt with lyrics to "America the Beautiful" around the edge.

Take a look at the article for my local newspaper as well.

White House Christmas Tree Ornaments for the 2010 Blue Room

The last weekend of October, the SCAD students and shopSCAD were invited to have a competition to design the ornaments for the White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room this year. After submitting the box of ornament ideas below, I found out on the following Tuesday that my ornaments were chosen!

Ricki Dwyer and I were both chosen, each of us were to make 56 ornaments to represent the 56 states and territories of the United States. Her design was 56 machine-embroidered ornaments inspired by the foods indigenous to each state and showed the nutritional advantages of each. My design made 56 more ornaments that were inspired by the state fair prize ribbons, to highlight the sense of pride within America. Because of time constraints and other factors, the crocheted design above needed to be adjusted so that we could execute it well. In the centers of the needle felted "nest" ornament and in the crocheted prize ribbon ornament are souvenir tie pins from the states of Georgia and Louisiana, respectively. For each state/province to have its own pin, it would be nearly impossible to get all 56 of them in time to send to the White House in the roughly 10 days we had to complete them. So, pleated ribbon was used as a material instead of the crochet and buttons with graphics of indigenous resources for each state and territory were used to create the finished ornaments below.

Here is the official press release from SCAD. More photos to come!

SAVANNAH, Ga.-Savannah College of Art and Design students and alumni were given the honor of designing holiday ornaments and decorative elements for the White House Blue Room Christmas Tree, widely regarded as the famed residence's official holiday tree. Standing nearly 20-feet tall and spanning 13-feet in width, the massive Douglas-fir was accepted by First Lady Michelle Obama and was unveiled at the White House Dec. 1.

The theme for this year's White House holiday decorations was "Simple Gifts," which calls for Americans to reflect and celebrate the everyday gifts and blessings that surround us - in family, nature, music and food, the White House says. There are a total of 19 Christmas trees on display on the White House tour route, and many of the decorations were created with natural, reusable materials and simplicity in mind.

"If the White House is a symbol of the American people, the Blue Room Tree is a symbol of joy and peace for all, throughout the holiday season. I am delighted that SCAD artists and designers have had this opportunity to adorn that symbol with their creativity and vision. Their work will burn bright, long into the new year," said SCAD President Paula Wallace.

Designed by SCAD, the Blue Room Tree's ornaments are inspired by America's nostalgia for its state and county fairs. All 168 individual ornaments were constructed using locally sourced and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, natural wool and felt, and unprocessed muslin. Each U.S. state and territory is represented by a series of distinct ornaments, including a collection of rosette-styled prize ribbons, hand-painted pennants and several embroidered wool ornaments fashioned in the shape of natural resources indigenous to each region of the country.

The tree elements were conceived, developed and designed by SCAD students and alumni. Fibers undergraduate students Ricki Dwyer and Holly Sexton, and shopSCAD store manager Kyle Millsap (B.F.A., illustration, 2006) designed the ornaments that adorn the tree's branches. Fibers graduate student Michael-Birch Pierce designed and constructed the embroidered tree skirt - measuring 18 feet in diameter and featuring the lyrics to "America the Beautiful" - that encircles the base of the tree.

The execution of the ornaments and tree design was truly a collaborative effort and drew upon the extraordinary talents of the university's fibers department, shopSCAD and Working Class Studio. Prior to the tree's unveiling, Millsap, along with shopSCAD director and co-creator Amy Zurcher - who also took part in designing elements for the tree - traveled to the nation's capital as two of the 97 volunteers who decorated the White House this year.

An estimated 100,000 people are expected to tour the landmark home through Dec. 30.

East Wing visitor's entrance: Magnolia and oak leaf garlands, and paper white flower blossoms; a "military appreciation tree" decorated to honor the five branches of the military; handwritten season's greetings notes collected from White House guests to be delivered to service members in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world.

East Colonnade: Eight wreaths, one in each window, made of natural materials, including oranges, pears and dried flowers.

Children's area: A small tree featuring gingerbread ornaments decorated by 300 children of military parents; a larger-than-life version of Bo, the Obama family dog, fashioned from 40,000 black and white pipe cleaners.

Lower Cross Hall: Four-foot white poinsettia trees in garden planters and garlands of white poinsettias.

East Room: Four large Christmas trees and hand-crafted decorations in turquoise, purple, green and gold with a bird and floral theme, and decorated with fake peacocks; wreaths hanging from the mirrors; a late 18th-century Italian presepio, or creche.

Green Room: Decorated in an environmental theme, using recycled materials; two trees and other decorations made of recycled newspapers and magazines that have been folded, glittered and decorated with ribbons and jewels.

Red Room: Decor in deep plum, fuchsia and red; red lacquer magnolia wreaths, used last Christmas, hanging in each window.

State Dining Room: Decorated as it might be for a holiday gathering with family and friends; garlands of fruit and foliage adorn trees, mantels and wreaths; two trees with leaves spray painted in gold and ornaments shaped like lemons and red and green pears.

Grand Foyer: Two large Christmas trees with white lights and red and gold ornaments; large stone urns filled with birch and beech branches illuminated with white light.

Gingerbread House: A larger-than-scale replica of Bo, the Obama family dog, made of almond paste and condensed milk, according to White House pastry chef Bill Yosses. It weighs 350 pounds and is made of gingerbread covered in white chocolate. Thirty pounds of honey from the White House beehive was used to make the gingerbread. The house has cutouts to show the East Room and the State Dining Room. There is also a replica of Mrs. Obama's fruit and vegetable garden, made of almond paste.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Full portfolio is live on the website!

My FULL portfolio is up on my website for download. This includes my most recent Senior Portfolio work, including this little All Like Sheep rug I made, and some of the work I did while at Martha Stewart Weddings this summer. Click here to see it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bobbin Designs!

While I was in New York, I discovered a beautiful stationery company while shopping at Kate's Paperie, called Bobbin Designs. I went their website right when I got home and found out that the company is based in Winston-Salem, NC. A mere 45 minute drive from my hometown, where I have been for the past few weeks since my return from MSLO. I contacted Jean Johnson, the founder and owner of the company and have had the opportunity to help her out a little bit for the past few days. I learned from her the life of an independent business owner and was totally inspired by her creative process. [[please note the cutest dog in the whole world, Chaucer, laying down behind me in that picture]]

Yesterday, I helped Jean think of new ideas for a huge Christmas card order she is shipping next week. Here are some of the ideas I created.
Jean and I are looking to do a little collaboration work soon. Here is an idea of how to use one of my patterns with Jeans adorable characters.
The woman behind it all! Jean Johnson, everybody.

I had such a great time helping Jean for the past few days. I love meeting new designers to learn from, especially ones that are as inspiring as her. Thank you so much Jean!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm on the Martha Blog!

Last Monday, Martha came to speak to all of the interns during our lunch break. Here is a picture of me and MaryAnne, the other style intern with me in Weddings. It was incredible to hear the great advice she had to give and to see that she is personal and really does love her company. It is so easy to see her love for the MSLO brand and her dedication to each of its many facets. Though I wasn't able to ask her one of my questions (I was either going to talk to her about what it is like to care for sheep - I love sheep! - or I was going to ask what event in her life felt like the turning point to extreme success), her advice and answers were extremely insightful and inspiring.

I hope that I can find something new everyday to be inspired by the way that Martha does.

SO cool!